02. 3D Topology Optimisation

8.3.02. 3d topology optimisation


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Date published: September 5, 2022


1. Login to the server by double-click the component.  
2. Define a mesh as the base structure, adjust the delaunay size needed  
3. Define the supporting surfaces and load surface on the mesh  
4. Define options on BESO Algorithm  
5. Load all components to the preprocessing solver  
6. Double-click the solver to activate cloud server solver  
7. Preview the calculation step by adjusting the slider  
8. Smoothen the finalised mesh with weaverbird if you are not having a pro account on ameba 
9. Smoothen the finalised mesh 

This exercise is using Grasshopper version 1.0.0007 
Reference: Ameba, https://ameba.xieym.com/, Accessed August 6, 2020. 




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