1.2.14. data paths introduction


Date published: August 9, 2022


This exercise introduces the importance of data paths: the “addresses” or access paths where specific geometric data is stored and accessed from. 


1.Create two surfaces and add them both into one button: a list shows two items in one branch address. 2.Explode all items from the list: a list connecting to the “edge” output shows two branches with 4 items, the four edges of the surfaces.  
3.Flip matrix: by flipping the matrix instead of having 2 branches with 4 items, we create 4 branches with two items: the first two edges, the second two edges, the third two edges and the fourth two edges.  
4.The loft command lofts all the edges within one branch of the data tree. 

This exercise is using Grasshopper version 1.0.0007 




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