1.2.09. sort and cull

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Date published: August 9, 2022


Culling Patterns remove unwanted points from a set following a list / pattern of Boolean values. Here, whenever the distance from a point in the set exceeds a certain value (Boolean value 0 = false), it is culled from the list.


1.Create a point grid  
2.Create a circle you can move with a slider  
3.Find the closest points on the circle from each grid point. Use the distance between them  
4.Use a function to test if that value is lower than a slider value. Outcome: true / false  
5.Cull the list with as a pattern this true / false outcome 

This exercise is using Grasshopper version 1.0.0007 

References:  Grasshopper Tutorials (2015), wiki.mcneel.com/labs/explicithistory/examples, Accessed 12/07/2022.




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