8.1.18. stretch analysis


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Date published: August 27, 2022

This exercise uses the zombie solver for Kangaroo. This way we get both the original and the processed data as an output from the Kangaroo engine. With the Kangaroo Settings we can control how many sub-iterations have taken place between both states. The difference in length between the original and the final lines gives an indication of the tension present in those elements, allowing us to perform a rudimentary structural analysis.  


1.Run the Kangaroo Zombie Solver  
2.Extract the processed mesh  
3.Compare the original length and the processed length of the mesh 
4.Display the difference in gradient 

This exercise is using Grasshopper version 1.0.0007 
References: Daniel Piker, Kangaroo Physics (by Daniel Piker), https://www.food4rhino.com/en/app/kangaroo-physics, Accessed August 6, 2020 




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