11.2.01. environment configuration for python programming


Date published: September 23, 2022


This video tutorial is a guide for configuring your computer environment in order to be able to start working with Python. It covers step-by-step installation instruction for the three main programs you will need for running Python, as well as pointing out common errors and potential fallbacks when configuring your environment. The last part of the tutorial provides a brief explanation over what each program does and touches up on high-level introductory concepts. 

This is the first step for working with Python and Part A in setting up a development environment. 



1. Install Python (any version, or 3.6.0 if following along)
    – make sure Python is added to Path. If not, instructions here
    – make sure Pip is configured correctly. If not, instructions here
2. Install Anaconda (any version, or 5.2.0 if following along )
3. Install PyCharm (any version)


This exercise is using Python version 3.6.0.



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