6.2.03. Spreadsheet Data Streaming



Date published: August 23, 2022


This exercise illustrates how data can be streamed from a Grasshopper panel to
e.g., an Excel spreadsheet using a .csv (comma separated values) file by right- clicking onto the panel. Here we extract the corner point coordinates of a set of sub-surfaces of a main surface.
In Grasshopper:
1.Get the vertex coordinates of all sub-surfaces
2.Convert to string (=text), remove “{“and remove & replace the “}” with a “,”
3.Reshuffle the data so that each line in the panel has all coordinates combined with values separated by a comma.
4.Right-click and Stream Contents to a .csv file
In Excel:
5.Open a new spreadsheet and click on the first cell where you want to insert your table
6.Data > Get External Data > From text: select your .csv file
7.Set the data delimiters to comma
8.Re-stream the data from Grasshopper
9.Data > Refresh All in Excel
Spreadsheets and data exportation allow for a direct communication with various other softwares and fabrication tools. Several plugins provide more advanced functionality to allow communication between Grasshopper, Excel, and other software packages.

This exercise is using Grasshopper version 1.0.0007 




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