6.2.01. egg crate lasercut files



Date published: August 23, 2022


This exercise takes any BREP and creates the laser-cutting files to create an egg carton facsimile of its volume. 

Through its input parameters it allows you to control elements such as material thickness, tolerance, numbers of pieces in both directions etc. It then re-orients the pieces to a flat plane and lays them out next to each other according to direction, and labels all of them both in the 3D model and on the flattened drawing. 

By choosing a single-line font you can number or label your flattened puzzle pieces contour lines in a way that the laser-cutter can quickly cut or score. Laser-cut friendly fonts are e.g. “machtssr-gm.ttf ”, “machtgth.ttf ”, or even, for some more challenging tagging “braille.ttf ”. 

This exercise is using Grasshopper version 1.0.0007 




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