8.3.01. 2d topology optimisation



Date published: September 5, 2022


Ameba is a topology optimisation tool based on the BESO method, which provides optimisation for 2D and 3D geometrical models. Users may, according to design requirements, apply different loading and boundary conditions to the initial design domain. During the computational process by the software, the design domain will evolve into various shapes, and eventually reach an organic form that is structurally efficiet.  


1. Login to the server by double-click the component. Users can register an account on https://ameba.xieym.com/Register 
2. Define a mesh as the base structure  
3. Define the supporting points and load direction on the mesh  
4. Define options on BESO Algorithm  
5. Load all components to the preprocessing solver  
6. Double-click the solver to activate cloud server solver  
7. Preview the calculation step by adjusting the slider  
8. Smoothen the finalised mesh 




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This exercise is using Grasshopper version 1.0.0007 
Reference: Ameba, https://ameba.xieym.com/, Accessed August 6, 2020.