Building collaborative creativity…


Conference Paper: Peer Reviewed

Building collaborative creativity through an iterative approach

by Hodgson P., Crolla K. and Ho W.Y.

ABSTRACT | Instilling a creative mind is the foundation to prepare future architecture students. University educators can adopt an iterative approach in which students go through cycles of learning. This paper reports student experiences on a three-cycle team project in an architecture course that was part of a master program. This consisted of the group development of a single design proposal to build a large prototype on the roof in the School of Architecture building. Students had to self-select which solution to go forward with, starting with four teams of two in the first cycle, then two teams of four in the second cycle, and one final team of eight in the third cycle. Students needed to reflect on their individual experience and role within the team in a reflective cycle research model that was intended to enable independent and collaborative learning from a given action-based experience. Individual reports were analysed, and the students commonly showed learning through making mistakes and experienced collective efforts by all team members in the process of collaborative creativity.

KEYWORDS | Architectural Education; Creativity; Iterative Approach; Collaborative Learning

CITATION | Hodgson, Paula, Kristof Crolla and Angel Wai Yee Ho, “Building Collaborative Creativity through an Interactive Approach.” in D. G. Sampson, D. Ifenthaler, P. Isaías (eds.), Proceedings of the 15th InterInternational Conference CELDA 2018 – Cognition and Exploratory Learning in Digital Age, Budapest, Hungary, 21-23 Oct 2018, pp. 286-292