Conference Paper: Peer Reviewed

Shipping Complexity – Parametric design for remote communities

by Carlow J. and Crolla K.

ABSTRACT | The Dragon Skin Pavilion is an architectural art installation that challenges and explores the spatial, tactile, and material possibilities architecture is offered today by revolutions in digital fabrication and manufacturing technology. The pavilion, built in the winter of 2012, is a study on how architects can reassert control over parts of the construction process previously surrendered to manufacturers and contractors, and how this enables them to materialize discoveries from the digital into the built environment.

KEYWORDS |Parametric Design; Structural Shell; Remote Communities; Embedded Intelligence; Digital Fabrication.

CITATION |Carlow, Jason, and Kristof Crolla. “Shipping Complexity – Parametric design for remote communities”. In Jianlong Zhang, Chengyu Sun (eds.), Global Design and Local Materialization: Proceedings of the 15th International Conference: CAAD Futures 2013, Shanghai, China, July 2013, CCIS369, Springer-Verlag Berin Heidelberg, 2013, pp. 167-175.