Conference Paper: Peer Reviewed

Resonance-In-Sight: Fabrication of a Mixed-Reality Art Installation

by Crolla K. and Goepel G.

ABSTRACT | The integration of mixed reality technology is facilitating significant changes in how we perceive and engage with our surroundings. “Resonance-In-Sight” is a public art installation by Kristof Crolla, Garvin Goepel, and the Laboratory for Explorative Architecture & Design Ltd. (LEAD) made for the Hong Kong Museum of Art (HKMoA). It responds to the challenges to social interaction imposed during the recent global health pandemic by playfully engaging the public in augmented reality-driven (AR) interactions with the museum’s rich art collection during times of its extended closure.

KEYWORDS | Digital Fabrication; Low-tech fabrication; Mixed Reality; Human-Computer Interaction; Tolerances And Error


CITATION | Crolla, Kristof and Garvin Goepel, “Resonance-In-Sight: Fabrication of a Mixed-Reality Art Installation” in A. Crawford, N. Diniz, R. Beckett, J. Vanucchi, and M. Swackhamer (eds.), ACADIA 2023: HABITS OF THE ANTHROPOCENE: Scarcity and Abundance in a Post-Material Economy, Proceedings of the 43rd Annual Conference of the Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture, Volume I: Projects, University of Colorado Denver, 21-28 October 2023, pp. 188-195.