Conference Paper: Peer Reviewed

Creating Parametric Design Workflows for Rapid Conceptual Design and Optioneering

by Chong K.T., Chen J., Tapley M. and Crolla K.


Complex, large span structures including roofs and footbridges are functional structures and are often presented as works of art or sculpture to complement the surrounding landscape. The design process of architectural large span structures or footbridges require architects and engineers to collaborate closely to co-create visually appealing and structurally efficient forms that serve the aesthetic, functional and economical objectives. In the co-creation process, a rapid turnaround is often expected. However, a tool that links form exploration and engineering is lacking; a tool that allows exploration of parametric forms quickly with instantaneous engineering and physical feedback to assess feasibility of the concept.
This paper presents a journey of exploration in developing workflows and associated tools in the digital virtual space that allows collaboration, co-creation between architects and engineers so as to work seamlessly in creating structurally efficient, functional yet architectural pleasing structures.

KEYWORDS | Parametric Design; Digital Workflow; Optioneering; Automation; Concept Exploration

CITATION | Dr Alecs Kak Tien Chong, Dr John Chen, Mike Tapley and Kristof Crolla, “Creating Parametric Design Workflows for Rapid Conceptual Design and Optioneering”, IABSE Congress – Resilient technologies for sustainable infrastructure, February 3-5, 2021, Christchurch, New Zealand