Journal Paper

Building Simplexity – The Dragon Skin Pavilion

by Crolla K.

ABSTRACT | Hong Kong and Shenzhen are cities in evolution. Many of their elements are in a state of constant flux: their industries, built environment, and how we design and work with both. As an architectural art installation, the Dragon Skin Pavilion challenges and explores these changes, and looks at what digital fabrication and manufacturing technologies can offer architecture in its spatial, tactile and material conception. The pavilion is a study on how architects can reassert control over parts of the construction process previously surrendered to contractors and manufacturers, and on how this enables us to materialise discoveries from the digital world.

KEYWORDS |Dragon Skin Pavilion; Hong Kong Shenzhen Biennale; CNC; Building Simplexity; Plywood; Affect


CITATION | Crolla, Kristof. “Building Simplexity – The Dragon Skin Pavilion”, HKIA Journal 2012 – Issue 63, Hong Kong, April 2012