Book Chapter: Peer reviewed

Building Simplexity – Golden Moon, 2012 Mid-Autumn Festival Lantern Wonderland

 by Crolla K.

ABSTRACT | Golden Moon was a temporary architectural structure that explored how Hong Kong’s unique building traditions can be combined with contemporary design techniques in the creation of a highly expressive and captivating public event space. It was the winning entry for the Lantern Wonderland Design Competition, organised by the Hong Kong Tourism Board for the 2012 Mid-Autumn Festival, and was on display for six days in Victoria Park. Built in eleven days, the project shows how, through a combination of digital design technology and traditional craftsmanship, complex geometry can be built at high speed and low cost with the simplest of means. In addition, it displays how opportunities arise for traditional craftsmanship to adapt productively to current competitive building environments, through the use of computational tools.

KEYWORDS |Golden Moon; Bamboo Scaffolding; Construction; Geometric Complexity; Digital Design

CITATION |Crolla, Kristof. “Building Simplexity – Golden Moon, 2012 Mid-Autumn Festival Lantern Wonderland.” In F. Gramazio, M. Kohler, S. Langenberg (eds.), Fabricate– Negotiating Design & Making, gta Verlag, Zurich, 2014, pp.22-29