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Date published: July 7, 2022


The script uses geometry output from earlier exercises and links them to the parametric structural engineering tool Karamba3D for structural evaluation. Note that a fully working licence of Karamba is needed for the script to work. Note that
this script is written for Karamba3D version
Layers of continuous, bent members need to be offset and linked to one another with short connections. The layers are given an initial strain based on their curvature. The short connections are abstracted placeholders and are calculated as if they were stiff steel cylindrical tubes. Users can select different material species properties as a material input and can choose between different graphic ways of visualising the results. The whole structure is subjected to self-weight, wind-loading, and initial strain. Different (bamboo) material properties can be assigned to reflect the as-built context. As output, different modes of visualisation show the utilisation percentage of the loaded material.

This exercise is using Grasshopper version 1.0.0007




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