São Paulo, Brazil, 2022


“Belas Bambu” is a lightweight bamboo shell structure built using Mixed Reality (MR) technology as part of an AA Visiting School Summer Programme held in São Paulo in 2022.

The course focused on the combination of bamboo constructions and digital design technologies. Participants were introduced to procedural digital design tools and methods that were developed as part of BSL’s ongoing design research in lightweight bending-active bamboo shell structures. Individual shell structures were designed and visualised at full-scale using Augmented Reality (AR). AR technology was then used to guide the manual construction actions of one of the geometrically complex bamboo designs for a small outdoor theatre space at the host institute.


Course Details: 

– Organisation: Architectural Association (AA) School of Architecture, London, UK
– Course: AA Visiting School São Paulo 2022
– Title: Interactive Constructions: Augmented Reality Bamboo Structures
– Dates: July 07th – Saturday 16th, 2022
– Location: Universidade Belas Artes, São Paulo


Workshop Team: 

– Tutors: Dr Kristof Crolla, Garvin Goepel
– Project Coordinators: Anne Save de Beaurecueil, Franklin Lee (SUBdV Studio, São Paulo)
– Assistants: Jaime Vega, Ernesto Bueno, Henrique Lattes, Camila Calegari
– Participants: Mattheus Lucchi, Vivian Provasi, Mansuf Arevalo, Beatri Pimentel, Felipe dos Santos, Tofaneli Raik, Lira Podio/ Rabelo Mayara, Lana de Oliveira, Milena Tada, Ana Clara Queiroz, Brianna Bussibger and Júlia Gasparini
– Video Design: Julien Klisz



Perspective by Night


Perspective by Night


Construction and analysis through holographic information overlays


Construction and analysis through holographic information overlays